Our story


Adam Brinker, one of the oldest and most prominent residents of this town and a leading spirit in the community was born on February 3rd, 1846, in Forks Township, Northampton County. After a short period enrolled in the army, Mr. Brinker started a harness business for himself located in South Bethlehem, on Second Street, being one of the first dozen or so business men in the newly-incorporated Borough of about 2,000 population. In 1893, Brinker organized and headed The Lehigh Valley Cold Storage Company.  Constructed in the Romanesque Revival style, the building had the capacity to store 60,000 cases of eggs and produce 40 tons of ice a day. It remained a cold storage facility until the 1950s. Flash-forward 67 years, Jefferson-Werner, LLC takes Lehigh Valley Cold Storage Co. and transforms the once frozen time capsule in to an icy chic apartment complex amidst an area of evolving business and culture.  We’ll leave the rest to you.